Welcome To Mill Creek Antique Mall !

Welcome to our Webpage ! 

We have not been on top of the website like we should have been, you get busy, things happen, floods to stop, fires to put out, you know the drill...

Well please keep checking with us as we update the site with new Vendor Booth pics, New Vendor Info, Millie's blog, and everything else that goes along with our webpage.

Thanks again for checkin in with us here at Mill Creek Antique Mall, and please stay tuned for more new stuff ! Well, actually, old stuff...




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Thanks For Stopping By !

Well the votes are in, and we would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for Mill Creek Antique Mall, we really do appreciate you !
Thanks again !

Thanks to all of you who voted for us last year !                         Please take a minute and vote for us again this year !

Well Kern County, you did it again! You voted Mill Creek Antique Mall as one of Kern Counties

Best Of/Favorite again this year !

We thank you for doing it once again!


We know there are a bunch of Great Stores in the Bakersfield/Kern County that we were up against, so we feel Honored to be one of this years winners !

Be sure to look for the official announcement in the Bakersfield Life Magizine this Saturday, 4/22 !



Rent Stuff For Photo Shoots, Weddings or Whatever !

Mill Creek Antique Mall Rents items for you Event !

For more information, please click on the Rent Stuff Page.

Celebrity Sighting at Mill Creek Antique Mall !...

yes, this just happened... Actress Diane Keaton stopped by Mill Creek Antique Mall. She was gracious enough to stop and take a picture with a couple of my Vendors, and on the way out, she said we have a "Great Store" !
Thanks Mrs. Keaton !

Mill Creek Antique Mall Welcomes the Bakersfield SPCA !

Mill Creek Antique Mall is proud to welcome the Bakersfield SPCA to our store. Come on in and support our local animals in need by purchasing somthing from their space or make a monitary donation right here at Mill Creek Antique Mall. 100% of all sales and donations go directly to the Bakersfield SPCA. Thanks for your support !

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Mill Creek Antique Mall &                     Little Shop Of Heores !

Mill Creek Antique Mall has an Ebay Store now !

Mill Creek Antique Mall has an online store at Ebay !

Check it out, some items are not here in the store, but exclusivly on Ebay.

And, if you have a cool item you think should sell on Ebay, but you don't want to mess with it yourself, Contact Us, we may be able to sell it for you !