Does anyone Know What This Is?

 This page is dedicated to those items we have aquired one way or another and we don't quite know what it is, what to make of it, where it came from, what to do with it, well, you get the picture...


Send us a picture of the item, any description like size, markings, what you do know about it and we will see if anyone has any idea. 


You can send it to us on our Contact Us page, and we will post it and see what comes of it.

Item #501

this was a common item years ago, still is, but not so much like this...




Item mc01

Not sure what this is. A customer recently brought this in and suggested we use this on this page as none of us know what it is.

The ring on the end swivels and is padded with a leather type cover stitched on it.

Metal rod is about 37 1/2" long.

Any ideas ?...




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