As we get our vendors to come out of thier shells, we will be adding pictures of, and information about, our great Vendoors of the Mill Creek Antique Mall Family.

Here are a few of them...




Mario is our Vendor #50, in space #141. He likes metal and iron items and always has great iron pieces as well as other great antique and vintage items in his booth. Here he is hard at it making his booth look great.




Shirley Grundman

 As an avid glass collector, in Shirley's booth, you will find a great display of colored gless as well as a good collection of vintage kitchen items for sale. 

  You will also find she has a varity of other great vintage and collecyable iyems for sale. 

  And her love of colored glass goes beyond just collecting and selling, Shirley dedicates some of her time to the Glass & China Collectors of Bakersfield as the Vice President of this club.

  Her Vendor # is 365, and her space #s are 315-317 located upstairs in the back of the building.

  To contact Shirley about any of her items of for more infromation about the Glass & China Collectors of Bakersfield club, you can e-mail her at .




Matt Raya & David Cruz Jr

  Matt and David have a great collection of cool pop culture items. From rock-n-roll pins & a varity of T-shirts to comic books and collector action and sci fi figures.

  There is something for every sci fi, comic and action figure collector kid in all of us...

  And just in case you don't find what you are looking for, they have a wish list for you to leave them a message about what you are looking for to complete your collection or that one thing you've always wanted to find but haven't yet. They can probably find it for you. 

Their vendor # is 211 and their booth #s are 213-215, located in the front upstairs area.





Gary Prendez

  Gary shares a booth with his friend Susan Pishinsky. They specialize in cool antique & vintage items ranging from the 1920's to the 1970's. 

  Their Vendor no. is D155, and their space no. is 154-155. Gary also does interior design. His company is, Gary Prendez Interior Design, and he can be contacted at, .




Chris Parker

  Chris has lots of different items in her space. From shabby and distressed furniture to vintage glass. silver plate/aluminum and antique Ethiopian Crosses. 

  Her company is Horseshoes & Chandeliers, that pretty well sums up what kind of things she fills her booth with.

  Her Vendor number is D123 and her space number is 119 through 123.  

  Chris is Millies also Aunt. She has Millies sister Jojo. So if I can't find Millie, and Chris is here at the store, I know where to find her...




Jay Robertson

  Jay specializes in antique and vintage glass and pottery. He also has a pretty good collection of vintage clothing and hats. You can also find everything from pieces of vintage furniture to figurines in his booth.

  His Vendor no. is 6993, and his space #s are 111-113.