Stuff For Sale / Classified

  This page is open to anyone that has an item they want to buy or sell. Wether 

the item is something you want to sell privately, or the item is in your booth reguardless if it is in Mill Creek Antique Mall or any one of the other great stores in Bakersfield or surrounding areas.

  Items must be legal to sell, and must not be offensive in nature as we are attempting to make our website a family friendly site. 

  Your ad includes 2 pictures and 500 characters of text. Additional pictures can be added for $1 each.

  Your ad can be linked to your email, phone number, web page, or whatever contact you want. Or, you can have any responses to your ad sent to us, and we can pass any information from any responses to your ad to you.

  The cost is $3 for a two week ad, $5 for the entire month.

  To place your ad, please go to our Contact Us page and message us. 

  We reserve the right to refuse any ad that does not fit the criteria we have put into place for ads on our site.